What is the Professional Hairstylist Association (OPHA)?

The OPHA is an industry driven body that is passionate about maintaining the integrity of the hairstylist trade and promoting the interests of its members in Ontario.

Why was the OPHA created?

A result of the dismantling of the Ontario Colleges of Trades, and concerns surrounding the future of the trade’s status as a restricted trade, a group of concerned hairstylists and former members of the hairstylist trade board decided there was a need to create an association to maintain the integrity of the trade as a restricted trade, to promote the interests of the trade and be a voice to government.

What are the goals of the OPHA?

The mission statement of the OPHA states: “Our mission is to unite and support licensed professional hairstylists and registered hairstylist apprentices by being a voice to government, and community partners on regulations, licensing and hairstyling standards. To inspire excellence, and to ensure the health and safety standards for our community of clients, contributors and partners while sustaining our future as a professional trade through training, apprentice, mentoring and accountability.”

Who can be a member of the OPHA?

Licensed hairstylists and registered apprentices.

Are there corporate members for the OPHA?

Yes, it is expected suppliers and community partners will become corporate members.

Is there a fee for membership?

Yes, the annual membership is projected to be $25.00.

What do my fees go towards?

Establishment and maintenance of social media platforms. To maintain a presence at hairstylist events and shows. Costs associated with government lobbying for hairstylist issues and concerns. Providing information and notification of any regulatory changes to our trade. To host an AGM for the association.